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1998 onwards Web Pages

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AIM's 1988 Logo (1998 Logo)

May 1998

Our 1998 site still works try it!

Towards the end of 2000 we "upgraded" to our "Green & Gold" theme!
Note our 1800 number is still the same.

Year 2000 example! 

 We've long since changed email addresses however our 1800 phone number is still the same.

Source (Green & Gold) :

We started in business selling scanners and OCR solutions so many people still know us as "The Scanner Place".

See also Feedback 2000 onwards.

Below version is just before the change to this new design in June 2011

Year 2010 example!

Below was replaced in June 2018.
We kept the Green / Yellow theme but the site is new from the ground up.

AIM ending June 2018