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BenQ vs. Epson 4K Projector Review Snippets

Submitted by hotviewau on Mon, 06/18/2018 - 03:40

Read the fine print.

Sadly there is some misleading 4K info floating around but not from Epson, they are clear in their specifications TW8300 - TW9300 are 1080P HD resolution plus enhancement.

So if your after HD 1080P as most people are it's worth looking at their lower cost projectors (you can buy 3-4 for the same price)

As you can see from the paragraph & link below (preaching to the choir) Epson in particular have jumped the Contrast Ratio (Con-ratio) shark now they often claim 1,000,000:1 . We predicted some time ago that some company would quote this crazy high CR, trust Epson to be the 1,000,000:1 projector trend setters!

Interesting that Epson don't claim such high CR on their top of the line professional models (often sub 10:000:1) why? Professionals know "puffery" when they see it. The short version is Epson nor anyone else can produce images with 1,000,000:1 contrast ration in the real world using real content, not just black and white full screens.


   These figures are just getting silly now.

If I was boggled by Sony claiming a 35:000:1 contrast ratio on its VPL VW60 then Epson’s latest leaves me oh so slightly flabbergasted. OK, so the 50,000:1 ratio is achieved using a dynamic iris technology, so you’ll be gaining contrast at the expense of brightness, but it is still impressive.
The rest of the EMP-TW2000 shouldn’t disappoint either, the name betrays the full 1080p resolution and along with the high contrast the projector boasts 1,600 ANSI lumens (in English: it’s nice and bright). Processing is handled by Epson’s new D7 chipset (if that means anything to anyone), which is proposed to help clean up input signals, reduce noise just like its projector and TV rivals.

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BenQ's 4K can display 8,294,400 discrete pixels (3840 x 2160) this is considered true 4K / television and Ultra HD Blu-ray standard it's the resolution of all the 4K TVs. The argument about slicing images goes out the window too because that's what pixel shifting is, displaying one section of the image then the other section in succession.
Interesting point on actual pixels vs. resolution
CRT 3 pixels
Do you remember the old CRT TVs? 
They had just 3 electron guns yet nobody said they were really just 3 pixels.
Here is a good summary on "True" 4K vs. Pixel Shifting from
Epson (and the rest) showing us how they test their home cinema projectors, yes in a mode you'll never use!
Epson Projector Test 40-70 inch screen

Epson doing the right thing. Giving buyers a more complete CR picture!

Epson CONtrast
Any more and it's all for nothing CR.