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The Room Remote was designed to control all BitWise connected devices in a room in conjunction with a BC1, BC2, or BC4. It was designed to be a simple, convenient remote that anyone can pick up and instantly understand. Since it uses RF (Radio Frequency) to communicate with our Automation Controllers, thereÕs no need to point the remote. It can even control components tucked away in a cabinet or equipment closet. The intuitive design allows the remote and apps to stay in sync during use, so a selection made via control app is automatically transferred to the remote and vice versa. The BWRMT requires the BWRRR RF Remote Control Receiver (up to 255 room remotes can connect to a single BWRRR, making it a scalable solution for commercial projects).

Key Specifications:

  • RF Range: 50-100 feet depending upon conditions.
  • Intuitive - 52 button layout that includes the functionality you need for today's Audio/Video devices.
  • Capable - Each Room Remote controls up to 8 activities.
  • Synchronized - When you select a room activity with Room Remote or another user interface, the rest of the system is notified automatically.
  • Cost effective - more power and flexibility that other remotes costing much more.
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    SKU: LEV-BWRMT-000
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    $157.30 Inc GST

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