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Pro Cinema Projector with 4K,THX,100% Rec.709 | W11000H

Reference-Grade 4K Pro Cinema Projectors W11000 H (HDR)

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BenQ W11000H THX HDR Projector

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..Offering a level of professional performance that far exceeds its very modest price point. Smart consumers will recognise that these products are absolute bargains; offering performance that far outweighs the cost of investment. As someone who has owned displays and projectors that cost many times more than the BenQ offerings I can unequivocally report that I don’t believe you can do better for the money. - REVIEW

  • 4K UHD with Razor-Sharp True 8.3 Million Pixel Detail
  • HDR Support Enhances Distinct Clarity
  • THX Certification for Guaranteed Superb Cinematic Performance

Offering the experience of attending a commercial digital cinema, BenQ DLP 4K UHD Pro Cinema Projectors create cinematic color and contrast quality with over 8.3 million razor-sharp pixels free from panel-related artifacts. HDR support enhances the image performance and delivers incredible sharpness and details.

4K UHD True 8.3 Million Pixel Perfection

W11000 H utilizes DLP 4K UHD DMD’s 4.15 million micromirrors and XPR dual-position actuator fast switching and to achieve CTA’s 4K UHD specification, reaching 3840x2160 resolution with 8.3 million distinct pixels for each frame. With four times resolution of Full HD 1080p, 4K UHD reduces pixel blur for awe-inspiring clarity and crisply defined fine details.

Hyper-Realistic Video Quality with HDR

Supercharged by HDR10 support with BenQ exclusive Auto HDR Color Rendition and Cinema-Optimized technology, W11000H’s High Dynamic Range performance offers greater brightness, contrast range, and image optimization in a single step, bringing out every detail in 4K video content for superior cinema enjoyment.

Image Integrity and Color Accuracy

With single DMD DLP technology to avoid inherent alignment issues of multiple panels, W11000H presents image integrity and accurate color, especially with ultrafine 4K pixels much smaller than 1080p pixels. W11000H generates razor-sharp images and accurate colors devoid of artifacting such as blur, shadowing, and interference patterns for immaculate clarity.

Class-Leading Lens Architecture  / Precision 14-Element 6-Group Lens Array

Super-high resolution 14-element lens array is structured into six groups with metal barrel and cell framework, far outshining 1080p projector technology with greater light penetration for long-lasting 4K intensity with heart-stopping color performance, clarity, and sharpness across the entire screen.

4K-Optimized Lens for Pure Clarity

With class-leading lens architecture, s optical engine is specifically designed for spectacular 4K image quality, offering True Zoom function and presenting the best viewing quality with flawless optics.

Immaculate True Zoom

  • W11000H’s True Zoom system adjusts automatically to follow focus adjustments, optimizing the zoom ratio to deliver visually perfect focus without blemish. The three focusing lens groups adjust simultaneously with the zoom lens group to negate any curved field for immaculate cinematic performance and high-precision clarity at every corner of the image.
Flawless Optics for Superb Image Quality

The BenQ 4K optical system uses only the highest grade glass for superior light penetration and realistic image quality. Proprietary low-dispersion lens coatings minimize chromatic aberration, so you can enjoy your favorite 4K UHD content in brilliant clarity.

THX Certified Genuine Cinema Performance

  • Reserved only for best-in-class AV systems, THX Certification guarantees accurate content reproduction as directors intended. With 100% Rec.709 color accuracy, precise gamma, ideal color temperature, enhanced uniformity, super high native contrast ratio, and pre-calibrated THX Mode, W11000H produces the most accurate out-of-the-box picture quality possible.
How BenQ Achieves THX Certification

To earn this prestigious distinction, BenQ engineers pursued over 18 months of rigorous development comprising 200 THX laboratory tests on 500 data points. Involving 10X as much data analysis and 7X the engineering resources required for Rec. 709 compliance, we achieved supreme overall image performance to pass 3 rounds of live testing at THX headquarters. 

True 4K UHD 8.3 million pixels of perfection

W11000H uses 4.15 million DLD 4K UHD DMD micromirrors and fast switching speed, as well as the advanced image processing capability of DLP 4K UHD chipset to achieve CTA's 4K UHD specification, offering a resolution of 3840x2160 with 8.3 million different pixels for each frame. With a resolution that is four times higher than Full HD 1080p, 4K UHD reduces pixel blur for stunning clarity and defined fine detail.

Hyperrealistic video quality with HDR
Supercharged by HDR10 with Bender Exclusive Color HD Rendition and Cinema Optimized technology, the high dynamic range performance of W11000H offers greater brightness, contrast range and optimization of images in a single step, highlighting every detail in content of 4K video for greater enjoyment of cinema.

Image Integrity and Color Accuracy
With a single DMD DLP technology to avoid inherent multi-panel alignment problems, W11000H exhibits accurate image and color integrity, especially with ultra-thin 4K pixels much smaller than 1080p pixels. W11000H generates sharp images and precise colors without artifacts, such as blurring, shading and interference patterns for immaculate clarity.

Leading lens architecture in its class

  • 14-Element, 6-Element Precision
    Lens Matrix The super-high-resolution 14-element lens array is structured into six groups with metal barrel and cell structure, far superior to 1080p projector technology with higher light penetration for a long-lasting 4K intensity with unparalleled color performance, clarity and sharpness across the screen.
  • 4K lens optimized for pure clarity
    With a class-leading lens architecture, the optical engine is designed specifically for a spectacular 4K image quality, offering True Zoom function and presenting the best quality of vision with impeccable optics.
  • Immaculate True Zoom
    The True Zoom system of the W11000H is automatically adjusted to follow the focus settings, optimizing the zoom ratio to provide a visually perfect focus without imperfections. The three groups of focusing lenses are adjusted simultaneously with the group of zoom lenses to cancel out any curved field and obtain immaculate kinematic performance and high precision clarity in each corner of the image.
  • Impeccable optics for excellent image quality
    The BenQ 4K optical system uses only the highest quality glass for superior light penetration and realistic image quality. The patented low dispersion lens coatings minimize chromatic aberration, so you can enjoy your favorite 4K UHD content with brilliant clarity.
  • Genuine THX certified film performance
    Reserved only for the best AV systems in its class, the THX certification guarantees accurate reproduction of the content as intended by the directors. With 100% Rec.709 color accuracy, precise gamma, ideal color temperature, improved uniformity, very high native contrast ratio and pre-calibrated THX mode, W11000H produces the most accurate and ready-to-use image quality possible.
  • How BenQ achieves THX certification
    To obtain this prestigious distinction, BenQ engineers carried out more than 18 months of rigorous development comprising 200 THX laboratory tests at 500 data points. Involving 10 times more data analysis and 7 times the engineering resources required for Rec. With 709 compliance, we achieved superior overall image performance to pass 3 rounds of live tests at THX headquarters.

BenQ CinematicColor ™ Technology

  • See wonders with CinematicColor ™ CinematicColor ™
    technology uses optimal colors to highlight accurate and enhanced images. The CinematicColor HDTV Rec.709 color coverage, the 6X RGBRGB color wheel, the high native ANSI contrast ratio and the ISFccc certified calibration guarantee incredible image performance and offer detailed, crisp and sharp images to accompany the enjoyment of your cinema professional.
  • 100% Rec.709 for color accuracy
    Ready to be surprised by BenQ's CinematicColor ™ technology to provide full visual enjoyment to your home theater system. Enjoy the most refined colors of the most true image production with 100% rec.709 calibrated color coverage from the factory. It's time to turn your living room into a world-class cinema.
  • 6X RGBRGB color wheel
    Of all the components of the DLP projector, the color wheel has the greatest effect on color. Achieving the perfect balance between color accuracy and brightness requires high precision and strict quality control. Because even nanometric differences create big differences to the color spectrum, BenQ CinematicColor ™ uses precise references at the nanometer level to test more than 20 combinations of angle and color wheel coating.
  • Only BenQ provides a factory calibration report
    Using special instruments and software, each CinematicColor ™ projector is tested and adjusted to obtain accurate D65 color temperature, gamma, black level, white level, neutral gray, RGBCMY color tracking, hue, saturation, brightness and output from different interfaces based on ITU-R Rec. 709. Collecting all data for individual CinematicColor ™ factory calibration reports,We are the only brand in the industry to adopt such high gamma color and gamma calibration standards that exceed Rec.709 standards.
  • Certified ISFccc ® visual calibration
    With the ISFccc ® Certified Visual Calibration calibration from the Imaging Science Foundation, the W11000H color image and performance can be customized for anyspace, along with preset light balance modes for day and night. night.

Unrivaled image performance

  • High contrast for the finest details
    The W11000H, which generates industry-leading levels of native ANSI contrast ratio performance, produces true, deep blacks, and resolves subtle layers and fine detail in dark, bright scenes without loss of brightness.
  • Dynamic Black Technology and Active Iris
    The active iris controls the amount of light through the optical system for ideal contrast. Dynamic Black ™ analyzes the brightness levels of the scene to optimize light output and contrast. By removing subtle details in the shadows and preventing bright scenes from being erased, W11000H offers an impressive contrast to real blacks and a surprising depth of image, detail and clarity.

Hollywood magic in your house

CinemaMaster ™ Video + turns any room into a world-class home theater with video enhancement technologies that even the most critical movie enthusiasts will like.

  • 4K Pixel Enhancer
    4K Pixel Enhancer is an adaptive edge enhancement feature that detects changes in color between an object and its background to produce sharp edges and precise surface textures.
  • Color Enhancer
    Color Enhancer modulates complex color algorithms to obtain saturated colors, fine gradients, intermediate shades and subtle pigments.
  • Skin tone
    The Flesh Tone function prevents discoloration of the skin tones of the light from the projection beam, portraying each skin tone in its most beautiful tone.
  • DCTI and DLTI Enhancer
    Sophisticated DCTI and DLTI algorithms improve color and light output for outstanding image depth and color performance. The digital enhancement of color transients (DCTI) improves drastic color transitions without noise interference, and the improvement of digital luminance transients (DLTI) reduces the noise of fast luminance switching for optimal brightness and contrast.

Wide viewing angle for immersive movies

  • Cinematic Wide 2.4: 1 Anamorphic Format
    Available at local BenQ dealers, the optional Panamorph Paladin anamorphic lens offers an immersive 2.4: 1 commercial cinema aspect ratio without letterboxing, providing 2 million additional pixels for enhanced brightness and detail to recreate the Full movie experiences at home. * Select "Anamorphic 2.4: 1" or "Anamorphic 16: 9" in the menu with anamorphic lens.
  • Flexible adjustment for screen alignment
    BenQ CinePro series projectors are perfectly suited to home theaters and installation sites of any size, and offer powerful but easy-to-use adjustment tools for professional installations with ease.
  • Lens Shift and 1.5X Big Zoom
    BenQ Pro Cinema projectors offer H / V lens shift to perfectly match any room with a dynamic range of projection distances and heights. And the large 1.5X zoom offers a wide range of shooting distances to significantly increase installation flexibility for various mounting and placement options, easily converting any space into a truly inspiring home cinema.
  • Elegant, front-ventilated design
    The front ventilation of the W11000H and its sleek and simple design are suitable for subtle ceiling mounted, concealed, cabinet or wall installations. The minimalist design is combined with any existing interior design and creates flexible installation opportunities.
  • Intelligent interface for simple configuration
    The unobstructed port design of the W11000H separates the power and video signal to eliminate interference without visible clutter, with enough free space to accommodate high-quality thick cables and HDMI / power cable locks for keep them safe instead.
  • BenQ is the world's best selling DLP projector brand
    Digital Light Processing (DLP), awarded the Academy Award of Merit 2015 (Oscar® statuette), is the leading projection technology used in 90% of the world's digital cinemas and 100% of the IMAX cinemas. With DLP dominating more than 50% of the market share of projectors worldwide, BenQ is today the number one DLP projector brand in sales, offering unparalleled world-class performance. See also HCC Review

Specifications Subject to change without notice


4K UHD (3840 x 2160)


2200 ANSI Lumens‎

Contrast Ratio (FOFO)


Display Projection System is DLP

2200 ANSI Lumens‎

Display Color

1.07 Billion Colors‎

Rec.709 Coverage


DCI-P3 Coverage


Native Aspect Ratio


Light Source Life
  • Normal 3000 hours
  • Economic 4000 hours
  • SmartEco 6000 hours‎
Throw Ratio

1.36 - 2.03 (100" @ 3m)

Zoom Ratio


Lens Shift

Vertical: ± 65% / Horizontal: ± 27%


F/# = 2.05 - 2.37  f = 20.54 - 30.31

Clear Image Size (Diagonal)

95" - 180"

Picture Modes

Bright / Vivid / Cinema / THX / Silence / User 1 / User 2 / ISF Night / ISF Day

Color Wheel Segment

6-Segment (RGBRGB)‎

Color Wheel Speed


  • THX


  • HDR


  • ISF


CinemaMaster Video +


LAN control


Anamorphic Lens


Resolution Support

VGA (640 x 480) to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)

Horizontal Frequency


Vertical Scan Rate


HDTV Compatibility

480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p

3D Compatibility‎

Frame Sequential: Up to 1280x720 120Hz

  • Frame Packing: Up to 1080p 24Hz
  • Side by Side: Up to 1080i 60Hz
  • Top Bottom: Up to 720p 60Hz
PC (D-Sub)


HDMI (1.4a) / HDCP (1.4)


HDMI (2.0a) / HDCP (2.2)


MHL2.1 (Share with HDMI)


USB (Type mini B)

1 (service)





DC 12V Trigger


IR Receiver

2 (Front/Rear)

Dimension and Weight
Dimensions (W x H x D)

470.7 x 224.9 x 564.7 mm


14.8 kg (32.6 lbs)

Operation Condition
Noise Level (Normal/Economic mode)

26 / 23 dBA (silence mode)

Operating Temperature


Accessories (Standard)
  • Remote Control w/ Battery (RC model name)
  • Yes (RCV024)
  • Power Cord (by region)
  • Yes (3m)
  • User Manual CD
  • Yes (27L)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Yes (8L)
  • Warranty Card (by region)
  • Yes
  • Lens cover
  • Yes
Accessories (Optional)
  • Spare Lamp Kit
  • Universal Ceiling Mount
  • 3D Glasses
  • RS232 Cable
  • Wireless FHD Kit (WDP01, WDP02)


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36 Months
SKU: 101-W11000-H
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$7,998.99 Inc GST
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