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Longhorn Full LCD Remote Control IR Learning Model 4000 Pro

 The PRO Remote Control!

  • No push button keys to wear out.

Longhorn 4000 Pro FULL LCD Learning remote control the gift for the person that's hard to buy for!

The PRO Remote Control! No keys to wear out.

Longhorn 4000 Pro FULL LCD Learning remote control the gift for the person that's hard to buy for!

8 in 1 IR Learning Type + PreProgrammed ( Pre Programmed ) Remote Control

We've tested the popular alternatives (Logitech Harmony) but after a while you have to press harder and harder on keys till they fail. Especially ones you use all the time like power. Very easy to program, you don't need to connect to a PC / Internet! Simply hold down [Code] button enter tap the security numbers, select learn then whatever buttons are flashing (you choose by pressing) get coded by aiming your old remote at the base of the 4000 Pro. Takes very little time, better still you can have the power for your AMP etc. on the same screen as the TV if you'd rather.

  • The Longhorn 4000 Pro uses a user friendly Touch Screen panel.
  • You can control up to eight devices including VCRs DVDs TVs and satellite dishes.
  • The 4000 Pro comes pre programmed with Foxtel Digital Codes!
  • The 4000 Pro enables you to quickly configure each device in your household or office using the innovative Learning Eye feature.
  • In addition the advanced macro function enables you to initiate a chain of up to 60 commands with the touch of a single key.
  • Convenient and easy to use the 4000 Pro provides you with a complete central control solution.


  • High performance MCU capable of upgrading programs
  • 512 KB bytes Flash Memory for Learning/ PreProgrammed ( Pre Programmed ) Code ( code will be never lost )
  • Each device includes 2 pages of different keys up to 57 keys in total
  • Capable of learning Carrier ( frequency: 20K~455KHz ) and pulse codes
  • Capable of deleting single key single device or even the whole remote codes
  • Device Layout is Changeable
  • Assigning Macros with up to 60 commands including Time Delays between two commands
  • During Macro transmission all commands are shown on LCD screen
  • Automatically detecting of environment brightness to light up Blue LED backlight auxiliary illumination
  • Auto power saving functions
  • Motion detection to start power up automatically
  • Power indicator & Battery low indicator. Works with Foxtel ( tm ) .

Requires 3 x AAA batteries, which are not included.

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