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Datacolor Spyder5PRO Spyder 5 Pro Monitor Calibrator

Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro

Product Code: 58.4104

Advanced color accuracy solution for all of your laptop and desktop monitors.

Fast and easy, full calibration takes only about five minutes to ensure color accuracy and    less than half the time for monthly re-calibrations.

Room light monitoring determines optimal monitor brightness so you see fine shadow  detail and highlights in your photos, ensuring your edited images match your prints.

“Before and After” evaluation of your calibration results using your own photographs, to    focus on details that are important to you.

Display Analysis feature lets you evaluate and compare the performance of all of your laptop and desktop monitors.

Next Generation Spyder5 is compact and portable with a built-in lens cap.

Guaranteed color accuracy with the industry’s only patented 7-detector optical engine resulting in more accurate shadow detail and smoother gradients.


  • Spyder5PRO – Advanced-featured, interactive calibration for all of your laptop and desktop displays.

Also used for programs like SuperSign WB etc.

Driver Information

Spyder5PRO 5.2 Windows UPC EAN
Posted by Carsten Tschach on 27 September 2017 12:54 PM

Download Spyder5PRO 5.2 here:


  • What’s Fixed in 5.2:
    • Main application: When naming and saving a profile immediately after calibration: if there are double-byte characters in the profile name, these are now stripped/removed from the name and you’ll be warned this has happened. If at least one character remains in the profile name, it will be saved with the modified name. If the entire name was double-byte characters, you’ll be prompted to start over and enter a new profile name. (Previously, the presence of double-byte characters in a profile name would cause problems, such as non-working profiles or crashes).
    • Main application: A few miscellaneous spelling/translation problems were fixed.
    • Display Analysis: When printing a report, the Page Setup dialog is now shown, so that you can select a paper size/shape and also the printing margins. if you leave the margins set to values larger than .25” then you’ll be warned and encouraged to reduce them to .25”. This fixes a problem in which, when printing these reports from Windows, the report header was overlapping into the body contents. (Windows default printing margins are 1” and these are too large to prevent this overlap). Also, the Datacolor logo now prints correctly (previously it was printing as a solid black rectangle).
    • SpyderUtility (background operation): The “GammaTracker.cpp” error alert will no longer appear. In the past, this could happen at various times: waking from sleep, hibernation, switching graphics cards on laptops with dual cards. If you’d disabled SpyderUtility from launching automatically on startup or login to prevent these alerts, we recommend leaving it enabled after installing the 5.2 version. SpyderUtility ensures that the calibration curves in the video card of a Windows system are loaded on system startup and it will actively keep them loaded while you’re using your system.
    • SpyderUtility+: Profile Management was showing incorrect profile creation dates, in certain situations, when a profile was selected in the list. Profile creation dates are now shown correctly.


  • Improvements in 5.1:
    • SpyderUtility: Now displays a notification when it’s first launched, which also tells you if the Spyder5 is connected or not. Can be optionally disabled in SpyderUtility:Preferences:General.
    • SpyderUtility: Now displays “What’s New” information from Datacolor, using both notifications as well as a new “What’s New” menu command to manually display the information.


  • What’s Fixed in 5.1:
    • Main application: Fixed a problem that could cause the monitors database to be downloaded on each launch (with progress indication).
    • Main application: Fixed cosmetic problems with some of the graphics on assorted screens, where dark bar edges could appear on the right and/or bottom.
    • SpyderUtility: In its Preferences dialog, the Cancel button now works correctly.


  • New Features in 5.1 with the optional “+” Upgrade:
    • 1-Click Calibration: SpyderUtility menu commands provide a “quick” launch directly to the “place sensor” calibration screen in the main application. Once calibration is complete, the main application quits automatically. A fast, easy way to recalibrate a screen with minimal UI. (For a display to be enabled for One Click Calibration, it must be previously calibrated by the main application, as One Click Calibration picks up and uses the last calibration settings).
    • Room Light Switching: The main application creates a set of 3 profiles for low, medium, and high ambient room light. SpyderUtility then switches between these automatically as ambient light conditions in your room change. (You must keep the Spyder5 sensor connected for profile switching to occur)
    • Profile Management: Advanced functionality in SpyderUtility lets you identify and switch the display profile for your screen(s); as well as rename, duplicate, delete, and show on disk. 


Minimum System Requirements
) USB port
) 24-bit video card
) Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
) Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8.0, 8.1 32/64, Windows 10 32/64
) Color monitor with at least 1280x768 resolution

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