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4K Projectors

BenQ vs. Epson 4K Projector Review Snippets

Submitted by hotviewau on Mon, 06/18/2018 - 03:40

Read the fine print.

Sadly there is some misleading 4K info floating around but not from Epson, they are clear in their specifications TW8300 - TW9300 are 1080P HD resolution plus enhancement.

So if your after HD 1080P as most people are it's worth looking at their lower cost projectors (you can buy 3-4 for the same price)

AIM's Price $927.30
AIM's Price $944.90
AIM's Price $979.00
AIM's Price $1,177.00
AIM's Price $1,977.80
AIM's Price $1,998.70
AIM's Price $2,019.00
AIM's Price $2,145.00