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Monitor and Printer Calibration

What you see is what you get. AKA wysiwyg "wiz-ee-wig"
Direct to calibration products

You can calibrate your Printer (including paper types), Scanner, Screen & Projector.

We suggest you first calibrate your monitor then see what if anything you need to adjust on the scanner.

Colour matching calibrate monitor price

To get the correct output consider calibrating your printers (see below) also.

By starting with the easy things first you avoid adding yet more drivers to your system and the possible implications adding software sometimes brings.

We've not yet seen a correctly adjusted monitor (before calibration) however many modern scanners do a fantastic job right out of the box!

Take for example the Epson V800 / V850 scanners are professional benchmark scanners in its their price ranges.

Calibration of monitor

Have a pre-sales calibration question? (Not free, non client support!)

Why use printer and scanner colour icc profiles?

This is a "Time Machine" e-mail but nothing has changed, it's still the way to go.

Subject: New profiles -brilliant! Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 (Wow time flys)

From: Mick & Jo Tanton To:

Hi Russell A quick line to let you know that I'm now getting prints with colours that match exactly what I see on the screen, using your profiles. I hadn't realized what a difference custom profiles would make compared with the printer manufacturer's supplied profiles.

I purchased a Nelson 75W Natural white fluorescent light (the bayonet cap type) to go in my desk lamp. It has a colour temperature of 5000deg K, and is an excellent source for viewing prints at any time of day or night.

The phosphors give almost correct colour to the colour targets you supplied, whether viewed in sunlight or under the fluorescent. I've acquired a good understanding of setting up the Mac and Photoshop to use the custom profiles after a lot of research, so many thanks again for your input.

Regards Mick -- Michael & Josephine Tanton