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Cost Per Page & True Resolution

A3 & A4 Colour Laser what's best for you depends on print volume, toner/ink & media giving you the important "price per page", also how much toner is included in the box?

Epson Low Cost per page business all-in-one (MFP) printer
WF (WorkFORCE) C 5790

Very Limited numbers of BenQ W2700 now available.

New BenQ W2700 W5700 True 4K Home Theatre Projectors

panasonic-152-inch TV

..or check out the new range of BenQ true 4K projectors!

Printer & Colour Management

Colour calibrate with AIM

Many demo / box damaged (as new with full warranty) products never make it to the web because we sell them in-store.

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Scanning for different jobs - some scanners are better for photos and film, others for PDF document scanning.

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For many years we were known as The Scanner Place ( so we know scanners. We've expanded a lot since then because we buy all Digital Products in bulk and offer great prices.

We love clients coming back for another scanner with comments like "after all these years I didn't expect you to be in business", who can blame them with so many computer shops and on-line stores closing. However we've been around since 1984!

AIM New release Epson V850

Our warehouse real stock

THX Home Cinema Projected Colours more important than resolution?

You buy the best projector you can afford with Rec. 709 or THX certified colours to get that cinema feel. The number of dots (above 1080P) or claimed (often overstated) contrast ratio numbers are not as important as accurate colours. A real cinema can't come close to the number of dots per inch a good 1080P projector pumps out on your projection screen.

W1700 Review BenQ Price
  • On sale (Limited Stocks) BenQ W3000

Movie Colour by BenQ

Rec. 709 Standard & TXH Projected Colours the way it was filmed 

Road map: Entry levelW1090W1700TK800 / Mid rangeW3000 / High End: W11000
Once you get to mid range you also start to see full 100% Rec. 709 colours.

How bright?

A lot depends on the use (Data, Cinema or both) and how much ambient light is in the room. 

For a great deal & genuine information on in-stock digital imaging products: Printers, Scanners, Home Theatre or Data Projectors please Contact AIM

Rec. 709 BenQ W3000 - Movie Projector for Accurate Colours.

Most of the content available today is in HD. From 5m back it's hard to tell HD from 4K, but its easy to tell when the colours are wrong or the blacks are not dark enough. So in some cases a great HD 1080P projector is better than entry level 4K model.  Not sure what type of projector you need? Is it a short throw like the LU915ST for say a Pilates Studio or one designed for your lounge room like the Epson TW6500? Call AIM.
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